You're the shaman of the tribe

  • Build farms
  • Houses 
  • And reach 10.000 natives count!!!

and share FPS you had with the others :3


  • ESC - pause menu
  • WASD - movement
  • LMB - click, build, destroy
  • RMB - exit from the build\destroy mode

Thanks to:


Just was learning LeoECS in Unity. 
Not a game really, there is no GameDesign. 

It's just a piece of code :D


Download 21 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB


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Nice! Any plans to release the source? I'm trying to learn ECS and wound up here after finding LeoECS. :)

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I'm not sure my shitty code will be useful :D I Highly recommend Examples section on the LeoECS GitHub page!

Looks good. Btw, dont forget to check discord ;)

Sure, thx :)

Simple, but unique and super fun!

Thx :)


Cool learning project, I'd play a game like that with more progression (different upgrades/buildings etc) and dangers (enemies attacking regularly etc). Could make a fun, chill "survival" game.

Thx :) I agree that progression  and some dangers are vital for a playable game. Especially for the god-simulator games. I will add more mechanics in the future, maybe.  Or, I will made something new.


too easy

add a obstacle like rent or tornadoes and earthquakes

Thx for the comment. I might add more details in the future. But for now, I just wanted to check how ECS framework works. (process a lot of units with the logic)