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  • Kill enemies - raise money.
  • Buy bonuses for the money.
  • Zer0 money means DEATH!

Are you READY?!?


You’re the credit card, that hates wasting money >:(

Beat paying terminals, “Spotify” bombs, “Netflix” turrets and the “Black Friday” BOSS who are hungry for you money!!1


  • A,D - movement
  • Space - jump
  • LMB - dash, attack
  • RMB - pay for the chest

Shop controls:

  • Space - start to trade
  • W,A,S,D - choose
  • Space - buy
  • Esc - stop trading



  • Don’t forget that dash aims at the mouse pointer
  • Dash works better if you move in the same direction
  • Dashes and jumps recharges if you touch the ground ;)
  • Pay for the chest but haven’t enough money? DEATH!
  • Beware of pikes
  • Boss might receive an extra damage






Patch notes:

  • added extra ResetVars() function before Intro scene
  • removed Debug.Log() from scripts
  • reduced Pikes hitting force
  • edited Winner text
  • edited prices in the Shop
  • added slowmotion after Boss killing
  • made GameLost and GameWin adaptive to screen
  • made levelDesign easier for playing
  • made mobSpawning easier for playing
  • made BossLevel easier for playing
  • made Boss easier for playing
  • fixed GameLost scene now loads the first level
  • fixed Props had bad sorting
  • fixed Boss had bad sorting
  • fixed now Bought items is reseted after death or winning
  • fixed now Bonuses is reseted after death or winning
  • fixed broken Shop
  • fixed bad Fonts
  • fixed isGrounded issue


Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB
Download 36 MB

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